Baby Products inspired by Nordic parenting style

Bambo Nature diapers are inspired by our Nordic Parenting roots and values – we want your child to feel free to explore, conquer, and grow into their own world, without exposure to harmful chemicals or allergens.

We’re all born naked, so imagine (because most of us won’t remember) what it must be like to get used to the feeling of wearing clothes and, in our first years, diapers! You would want something soft, dry, and comfortable so you could move around freely or relax whenever you need to, right?

Playing is a fundamental right of every child. Kids are natural born explorers – they learn about the world by moving around in it, observing, smelling, touching, tasting, listening, getting muddy, falling down, and experimenting with how they fit into their environment. As they learn to coordinate their wobbly little limbs and master new skills through play, their diaper should fit snugly around their belly and thighs, stay dry, and let their skin breathe. Whether they’re asleep, riding on dad’s shoulders, crawling through imaginary jungles or climbing trees, in summer or winter. You can find more fun facts and tips on Nordic Parenting here.